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Early Entry to Kindergarten Testing

If your child will be four years old by April 16 and you believe they should start kindergarten early, our child psychologists can help with the application process by conducting the required aptitude and achievement testing. We help assess kindergarten readiness with IQ testing and achievement testing. Check with your school district for additional requirements for early entry into kindergarten. 

children doing schoolwork
group of children in school

We use iPads for part of our testing. Kids love it, and it keeps them more engaged and attentive to the test items.

Is my child ready for kindergarten?

There are many factors to consider when deciding whether to pursue early entry into kindergarten. Here are some things to ask yourself about your child:

  • Can my child sit still and follow simple directions in a group environment?

  • Does my child handle their emotions well and get along well with other children? 

  • Does my child seem more academically or intellectually advanced than their same-age peers?

  • Is my child beginning to gain fine motor skills such as holding a crayon or pencil?

  • Does my child show an interest in learning? Do they want to start kindergarten?

  • It is important to note that your child must achieve an IQ score in the 98th percentile or higher and an achievement score in the 98th percentile or higher on either the Reading Comprehension or Math Reasoning cluster to be considered for early entry to kindergarten. Check with your school district for all the requirements, because requirements may change without us knowing. 

How do I apply for early entry into kindergarten?

Check with your county for the application and specific requirements. Please note that we can satisfy only the testing requirements. We cannot help with the letters of recommendation, portfolio, or any other requirement. 


Call us to schedule your appointment for testing. It is your responsibility to let us know your county's requirements for testing and the timing of the testing, but we are typically asked to administer the following:


  • Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence (WPPSI): we use the new version that is partially administered on iPads. Kids love using the iPad and are more engaged with the testing process.

  • Woodcock-Johnson IV (WJ-IV): subtests 1, 2, 4, and 5


The psychologist will review the scores with you during a separate appointment and provide you with a report to submit with your application.

How much does it cost? Will my health insurance cover this testing?

Our fee for early entry to kindergarten testing is a very reasonable $650.00, and our rate has not increased in many years. A $75 deposit is required at the time of scheduling, and the remaining balance is due on the date of testing. Health insurance does not cover this testing because it is not a healthcare service and thus does not meet medical necessity requirements of health insurance companies. We are not allowed to submit a claim for this service. 


Keep in mind that, even if your child does not meet the minimum scores or other requirements for early enrollment into kindergarten, the testing your child receives at Etheridge Psychology will provide valuable information about your child's unique strengths and need areas. Your testing report includes scores as well as information on how your child compares to their same-age peers in multiple areas of aptitude and achievement. Knowing where your child stands as they begin school can help you choose the best academic enrichment activities, whether in-school, outside of school, or at home!

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