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Psychological Testing & Assessment

We offer psychological testing and assessment to children, teens, and adults. We conduct mental health assessment, neuropsychological testing, ADHD testing, learning disorder testing, and more. 


Adult Psychological Testing

We can help with your mental health evaluation. We use only evidence-based psychological tests and assessment techniques for diagnosing mental disorders, learning disabilities, and more. 

Adult Psychological Testing Overview

Adult ADHD Testing

Bariatric Surgery Evaluations

Forensic Examinations

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Child & Teen Psychological Testing

We evaluate kids and teens for mental health, behavioral, and school concerns. We use iPads for some of our tests! Click to learn more about our child assessments:

Child ADHD Testing

Learning Disability Testing

Early Entry to Kindergarten Testing

Gifted Testing

Man in Psychotherapy Session
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Some information about psychological assessments

Psychological evaluations involve an intake (information-gathering) appointment during which your clinician will ask you questions and determine which, if any, psychological tests can help. Some of our tests are self-administered, meaning that the examinee reads test items and chooses a response. Other tests are psychologist-administered in a separate appointment or appointments. 

A psychological evaluation can range from one to four separate appointments, so your patience is appreciated! It can also take some time after the evaluation for your psychologist to write your detailed report of the findings. Some insurance plans are accepted, but we always give you an estimate of costs just in case your insurance does not cover your evaluation. 

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