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Brittany Kirschner, MA, LPA

Brittany Kirschner, MA, Licensed Psychological Associate

I specialize in psychological testing and assessment with children, teens, and adults. I am skilled at administering and interpreting a wide range of evidence-based psychological tests in the context of a comprehensive evaluation. I offer ADHD testing, learning disability testing, and general mental health evaluations. 

I am in-network with most BCBS plans and am accepting appointments for psychological testing and psychoeducational testing for children, teens, and adults. Reach out today to schedule your intake appointment!


How Psychological Testing Works

Psychological tests do not diagnose you. Tests are often an important part of an evaluation, but test results are interpreted in the context of a lot of other information I will gather during our appointments. Psychological evaluations require multiple visits and take some time. I gather as much information as I can through meetings with you (and parents, if you're a minor!), integrating collateral information such as medical records and academic records, administering and interpreting psychological tests, and putting it all together with an emphasis on addressing the questions with which you entered into your evaluation. I will go over all results with you at the end of our time together in which you will be able to ask questions, get recommendations, and make a plan for moving forward. 

My Education and Experience

I am a Licensed Psychological Associate and Certified Health Services Provider in the state of North Carolina with over six years of experience providing mental health services. I completed a bachelor's and master's degree Brittany completed her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in psychology at Appalachian State University. During my graduate training, I completed a practicum and internship experience in a community psychology clinic setting facilitating assessments and therapy. I began my career continuing to work in a similar setting completing psychological evaluations as well as providing school-based mental health services to adolescents. I also have experience working in an inpatient mental health hospital with incarcerated individuals.

A Tiny Bit More About Me

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time outside with my pup, reading, and painting.

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