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Licensed Psychologist

Mary Anne Etheridge, Ph.D.

Dr. Etheridge specializes in clinical and forensic psychology, particularly psychological testing and assessment. She also has a small therapy caseload.


Clinical Psychological Testing


Dr. Etheridge performs evaluations for teens and adults struggling with emotional, behavioral, or cognitive symptoms who need an evaluation to determine the correct diagnosis and treatment. Her evaluations help identify mental health problems, render diagnoses, and make treatment recommendations. 


Forensic Psychology


Dr. Etheridge is an expert forensic psychological examiner specializing in sexual and violent offenses, including capital cases, for juvenile and adult offenders. She has qualified and testified as an expert witness in dozens of cases in Florida and North Carolina and has worked for both the prosecution and the defense. She uses only evidence-based, valid, and reliable psychological assessment instruments and is adept at their use and interpretation. Dr. Etheridge’s forensic evaluation reports are thorough, objective, and written in language that juries, judges, and attorneys understand.

In addition to examinations in sexual and violent offenses, Dr. Etheridge conducts capacity to proceed evaluations, criminal responsibility assessments, guardianship evaluations, and immigration evaluations. 

Dr. Etheridge is an approved NCIDS expert in North Carolina. She has worked with many attorneys across North Carolina on state and federal cases. She is also a PsyPact telehealth provider, so she is able to perform forensic examinations via telehealth in 26 states.


Education and Experience


Dr. Etheridge has nearly thirty years of experience in clinical psychology and nearly twenty-five years of experience in forensic psychology. Her earliest clinical experience includes crisis counseling, community mental health, crisis stabilization hospital, and detox. Upon attaining her Master of Science and Educational Specialist degrees, she held a clinical position assisting in the evaluation of sex offenders for the Sexually Violent Predators Program, part of the Florida Department of Children and Families. 


During her doctoral studies, Dr. Etheridge completed practica in forensic psychiatric hospital, outpatient mental health, and career counseling center settings. She also conducted research on the actuarial assessment of sexual offenders. She completed her doctoral internship in a federal prison during which she also received neuropsychological training at a psychiatric hospital. Her doctoral dissertation involved creating an assessment instrument for female prison inmates, and she attained a PhD from Florida State University in 2005. She then completed a forensic post-doctoral residency.


Upon licensure as a psychologist in Florida and Illinois in 2007, Dr. Etheridge held several contracted positions providing clinical and forensic evaluations. She commuted from Illinois to Florida several times a month for over a year conducting psychosexual and risk assessment evaluations of sex offenders in state prisons throughout Florida. She has since testified as an expert witness in several dozen sex offender civil commitment cases. She has completed many hours of pre- and post-doctoral continuing education on various forensic and clinical topics. 


Dr. Etheridge and her family settled permanently in North Carolina in 2008, and she opened Etheridge Psychology in Raleigh in 2009. She began providing individual therapy, clinical assessment, and forensic evaluation to residents of the Triangle and has since served thousands of North Carolinians. She has worked with attorneys, bariatric surgeons, psychiatrists, and other medical doctors to provide quality psychological evaluations to NC residents. Her husband, Dr. Roy Etheridge, joined the practice full time in 2012.


Etheridge Psychology outgrew its space in January 2015 and moved to Cary, NC. In late December 2019, the practice again increased in size and moved a short distance into a custom-built space. Etheridge Psychology has grown from a staff of one to a full-service mental health practice with multiple clinicians and staff offering a wide range of mental health services.


Dr. Etheridge is a member of the following professional associations:

American Psychological Association

American Psychology-Law Society
North Carolina Psychological Association

Dr. Etheridge proudly served on the board of directors for the Division of Independent Professional Practice, part of the North Carolina Psychological Association, from 2009 to 2019.

More About Dr. Etheridge


On a more personal note, Dr. Etheridge grew up on the west coast of Florida in the Tampa Bay area. She is the youngest of three daughters of a pharmacist who owned a corner drug store. Growing up in a family-owned business taught her a lot about professionalism, personalized service, and compassion. She played the violin, rode her horses, and enjoyed boating and beach-going with her parents, sisters, and friends during her childhood and teen years. She was still in high school when she decided to become a psychologist. She spent the first sixteen years of her adulthood in Tallahassee, FL attending college, gaining experience in mental health, and starting her family. In 2007, she and her family moved to a Chicago suburb for a year and then to North Carolina in 2008. She is proud to call North Carolina her home. These days, she enjoys spending time with her husband, two sons, and three dogs. She enjoys various creative outlets, particularly woodworking. She is also, of course, a Florida State Seminole football fan.

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