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Psychological Testing for Children and Teens

Behavioral and emotional problems have many possible causes, and our child psychological associates can help get to the root of the problem. When there are academic problems, it may be for reasons beyond your child's control. Learning disabilities, ADD, ADHD, behavioral disorders, and other psychological problems can interfere with academic success. We can help determine the cause of your child's struggles in a positive, comfortable environment. 

Distractibility and problems focusing are sometimes caused by ADHD, but these symptoms can also be caused by anxiety, stress, depression, head injuries, substance abuse, bullying, and more. We will do our best to help figure it out and get your child or teen the help they deserve. 

We accept some insurance plans for child psychological evaluations, so check with your insurance and give us a call. 

Some types of testing we provide to children and adolescents:

Children's Race
ADHD testing in Cary NC

When your child or teen is acting out at home or at school, there may be an underlying problem. We can evaluate your child and help determine the cause or nature of the issue so that you can get treatment that is appropriate to your child's needs. 

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