Our Administrative Professionals' Bios

Delores Ragsdale

Delores Ragsdale, Practice Manager


Delores' main role is to manage the administrative side of our practice. Some examples of her duties include coordinating with health insurance companies, filing claims, preparing patient cost estimates, and assisting patients with their concerns. 

Delores was born and raised in south Georgia and attended college at what is now Armstrong Atlantic State University, earning a Bachelor of Science with a major in Chemistry and a minor in Physics. She then moved to Maryland and worked for over 12 years in laboratory settings, primarily as a civilian employee for the Department of Defense. When her husband relocated their family to North Carolina, she decided to take that opportunity to concentrate on raising their children and volunteering with PTAs, teaching religious education classes at her church, and helping with other community services.

Upon re-entering the workforce, Delores accepted a position at Etheridge Psychology as an administrative assistant. Over time, she took on more responsibilities and was promoted several times. Among her many accomplishments, she demonstrated exceptional leadership by managing our practice's transition to telehealth treatment and assessment during the early phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. This allowed our practice to serve hundreds of new patients and to maintain continuity of care for our long-term patients. Delores was promoted to Practice Manager in 2022.

Destiny Faison

Destiny Faison, Director of Patient Services and HIPAA Officer


Destiny is involved in patient scheduling, intake paperwork, and other patient-centered tasks. She also administers many of our psychological tests. 

Destiny's childhood experiences fueled her interest in the mechanics of thought and human behavior. During middle school when asked about her plans for the future, she recalled thinking that her top priority was working in a role that helps people change their lives for the better. Her natural curiosity about human behavior and her love of learning resulted in a bachelor's degree in psychology at East Carolina University. She will be entering a graduate program this year. She plans to complete a masters degree in clinical mental health counseling. In her free time, Destiny enjoys spending time with her family, relaxing, and traveling.


Destiny has received two promotions since joining Etheridge Psychology last year. Hired as an administrative assistant, she exhibited a natural talent when engaging patients and learning new material quickly. Within months, she was promoted to Clinical Services Liaison which requires more patient contact, staff management, interactions with collaborators (e.g., judges, lawyers, other doctors). In mid-2022, Destiny was promoted to Director of Patient Services.

Kennedy Woodward

Kennedy Woodward, Administrative Assistant


Kennedy schedules appointments, gathers needed intake information, greets patients, and performs other tasks essential to a smoothly-run practice.

Kennedy has always been intrigued by how the brain and body are connected and why we think the way we do. She has always wanted to help others and gravitated toward mental health. After her first psychology class, all she wanted to do was learn more. She graduated from NC State with a BA in Psychology and a minor in Spanish and could not be happier about that. She plans to attend graduate school but has not yet decided on where to concentrate her studies. Outside of work, she loves spending time with her cat.