We offer the following forensic services that do not involve a civil or criminal court case. 

Police Fitness Evaluations


We offer psychological evaluations to law enforcement and other public service applicants.


Please find out the specific requirements of your fitness evaluation so that we may cover all areas required by your employer or potential employer in your evaluation. 

Veterans: PTSD and other mental health issues

Are you a Veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces who is working with an attorney to secure needed benefits for your service-related mental health condition?

Dr. Roy Etheridge, a wartime veteran himself, has extensive experience evaluating and diagnosing veterans. He understands the complex issues that veterans face, and his evaluation may help you secure the benefits you need. 

Fitness-for-Duty Evaluations


A fitness-for-duty examination is typically asked of current employees to determine whether the employee is psychologically fit to return to work. This evaluation may also be requested of students, whether in grade school or college.


We conduct evaluations requested by an employer or academic institution after an incident has occurred at work or school. 

Worker's Compensation & Disability Evaluations


If you have been injured at work or if you have psychological symptoms that were caused by your job, please consult an attorney. If you are seeking psychiatric disability benefits from an insurance company or the federal government, please apply directly to the appropriate agency. If you are asked to seek a psychological evaluation, call us.

Links to our other types of forensic evaluations and expert witness services:

FAQ about Forensic Psychological Evaluations

What is a forensic evaluation?

In short, a forensic evaluation is any psychological evaluation that is related to a legal proceeding. This includes court-ordered psychological evaluations, violence risk assessments, parenting capacity evaluations, competency to stand trial examinations, guardianship evaluations, or any other evaluation related to a civil or criminal legal proceeding. Psychologists also provide services other than forensic examinations, such as attorney consultation, expert witness testimony for the purpose of educating the court about a specific psychological matter, and fact witness services.


To make matters a bit more confusing, certain services are considered to be forensic psychological services that do not involve the court system at all. These include Worker's Compensation examinations, disability evaluations, fitness evaluations for police applicants and other public service applicants, and Veteran's Administration evaluations. These are legal-related evaluations that do not typically involve civil or criminal court. 


The forensic psychological evaluation typically involves review of clinical and legal documents, interviews of the respondent and other involved individuals, psychological testing, and writing a report to answer specific questions posed by an attorney or judge. At least two appointments with the respondent are usually required.

How is a forensic evaluation different from a regular psychological evaluation?

Forensic evaluations or examinations are not healthcare services. You are not considered to be our patient or client; the "client" is typically the person or agency that requests the evaluation or service. This allows us to be as neutral as possible, as we do not develop a typical doctor/patient relationship with you. 


A forensic psychological report is much longer and more detailed than one completed for healthcare purposes. In fact, we often choose different psychological tests for forensic evaluations than for clinical (non-forensic) evaluations. In clinical evaluations, we are encouraged by health insurance companies to use shorter instruments (although we always used evidence-based instruments and practices) and to write our reports as concisely as possible. Forensic psychological evaluations use the most well-researched psychological tests available without the limitations of health insurance restrictions.


The forensic psychologist's goal is not to simply diagnose you but to answer specific questions posed by the "client," such as:


"Was this individual sane at the time of his offense?" 


"Does this individual's diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease require him to be appointed a guardian to handle his affairs?"


"Is this individual at risk of committing a sexually violent offense if released to the community?" 


"What is the best custody arrangement for this child?"


These questions require the psychologist to have specific education, training, and expertise in forensic psychology. 

Does my health insurance cover my forensic evaluation?

In short, no. Health insurance companies pay for medical services, and a forensic evaluation (or any other forensic service) is not considered to be a medical or healthcare service. Our contracts with health insurance companies specifically state that only medically necessary services are to be billed to them; therefore, no forensic evaluation will be billed to your health insurance company. A forensic evaluation or other forensic service does not involve rendering healthcare services to you. 

Will I get a copy of my forensic evaluation report?

As you are not considered to be a patient or client in a forensic evaluation, you will not get a copy of your forensic evaluation report. This is true whether you paid for the evaluation yourself or not. The report will be delivered to the party requesting the evaluation (e.g., your attorney, a judge, your employer, or other individual or agency). If you wish the forensic psychologist to discuss the results with you, we are happy to provide this service, but you will not be given a copy of the report.

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Please note that we conduct our psychological evaluations within the strict ethical guidelines of the American Psychological Association and the laws and rules of the North Carolina Psychology Board. As such, we cannot guarantee a specific outcome, diagnosis, or recommendation upon conducting an evaluation. There is certainly a chance that you will be unhappy with the results or that the evaluation will not benefit your case, and we do not issue refunds. We strongly suggest that you discuss with your attorney prior to hiring us for your court-related psychological evaluation, and we also suggest that you have your attorney consult with us prior to the evaluation. Finally, forensic evaluations must be paid out-of-pocket and will not be billed to your health insurance company. 

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