Intensive Anxiety and Stress Group Therapy for Teens


Is your teen overwhelmed, anxious, or stressed? Join our intensive 6-week group just for teens! Led by two seasoned Licensed Professional Counselors, our treatment program provides concentrated treatment for anxiety in a confidential, caring, and fun environment. 


Thursdays from 6:00 PM to 7:15 PM - group will begin when the minimum number of members reserves their spot.

A deposit is required; more information about that below. 


Please read all all about our group, and call us to schedule!

Why group therapy?


Treatment in a small group setting offers advantages over individual therapy.


  • Groups are much more cost-effective than individual sessions. 

  • Teens feel less isolated and alone in their struggle.

  • They absorb knowledge and skills from each other in addition to the therapists.

  • They break through any feelings of shame and embarrassment about anxiety and stress. 

  • Teens draw courage and empowerment from each other. 

What is this group like?


Our anxiety group for teens is based on Cognitive Behavior Therapy, an evidence-based treatment model. It is both psychoeducational and experiential in nature. This means that teens will learn about anxiety and stress and why they occur, they will learn specific evidence-based techniques for reducing, managing, and preventing their symptoms, and they will be able to share their own experiences and apply their new skills to their own lives.


Members will learn skills to reduce anxiety from the very first session, and they will be asked to practice their new skills every day between groups. It won't take a lot of their time, but it's important to use their new anxiety- and stress-reducing tools regularly. There will be handouts, worksheets, and other activities to ensure members get the most benefit. 


We will introduce fun wherever possible, and members can even win a gift card at certain points during the group!

What will teens learn in this group therapy program?


The group runs for six weeks and includes the following main topics:


  • Anxiety & Stress 101

  • Cognitive Distortions

  • Challenging Negative Thoughts

  • Coping Skills

  • Protective Factors

  • Positive Replacements & Strength Building


Teens can expect to learn all about how and why anxiety and stress occur. They will learn to identify and interrupt thinking patterns that cause and maintain anxiety, and they will learn how to reduce and manage their symptoms. 

Should I sign up for this group?


If you are a high school student, generally between the ages of 14 and 18, and you struggle with stress and/or anxiety, absolutely! This group is for teens who:


  • Feel overwhelmed by school, work, or other responsibilities

  • Are stressed over the pressure to get good grades

  • Worry a lot over things like grades, family issues, the future, college applications, or friendships

  • Can't stop their negative thoughts

  • Feel scared for no clear reason

  • Have physical symptoms such as stomach problems, headaches, racing heart, sweating, or shortness of breath for which there is no medical explanation

  • Often feel fatigued, tired, and lack energy 

  • Are having difficulty concentrating and focusing due to stress, anxiety, or feeling overwhelmed

  • Feel so stressed that they have trouble making decisions or remembering things

  • Are having trouble sleeping due to stress or anxiety

  • Having panic attacks or anxiety attacks

How much does it cost?


Group sessions are 75 minutes each and are $60 per session.


Members who pay for all six sessions upon scheduling (prior to the first session) will receive their final group FREE! This is a substantial savings over the pay-per-group price.


Health insurance is not accepted for this group, and BCBS members will be asked to sign a non-covered services agreement to join the group. 

Other Important Information 


  • To hold your spot, a $60 deposit is required upon scheduling.

  • If you would like to pay for the entire group at once to get the discount, please pay that when you schedule.

  • We will notify you of the group's start date at least one week in advance of the first session.

  • If you will be paying weekly, the fee for groups 2 through 6 is due at the beginning of each group session. Please arrive early to get your payment processed so that you can start the session on time. 

  • If you change your mind prior to the group's start, we will refund your fee as long as you provide at least 1 week's notice prior to the first session.

  • Members should commit to attending all six sessions. Missing a group means that you will miss information that is important for subsequent sessions. If you miss a session, we require that you attend a 30-minute "catch-up" session individually with one of the group therapists at an additional charge of $40. If you miss more than one session, we can discuss options such as starting over with the next group.

  • If you paid for all sessions up front and decide not to attend all six sessions, you will not receive a refund for any of the missed sessions. 

  • Members will be asked to promise to respect the confidentiality of other group members. This means that they cannot tell anyone that they know any fellow member. An agreement of confidentiality is essential to helping every member feel secure and free to participate. 

  • Members are allowed to bring a snack and/or a drink if they would like. 

  • Phones must be silenced, and no texting/browsing allowed during group!


Interested teens may choose an initial session one-on-one with one of the group therapists, and that individual session may be covered by insurance if you have BCBS. If you are interested in only individual counseling (not group therapy), it may also be covered by your health insurance. 


You may benefit from this group even if you're already in individual counseling and/or taking medication for anxiety. Give us a call!

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