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Family Therapy


Is there conflict in your family? Do you need a neutral party to help resolve problems and help everyone get along better? Family counseling can be helpful when members of a family cannot come to an agreement about something or if there is tension or frequent arguing in the home. 


Some examples of problems often seen in family therapy include:


  • Disagreement between parents on how to raise the children

  • Sibling rivalry or frequent arguing among children

  • Clashing between parents and teen children

  • Adult siblings at odds over aging parents' care

  • Coping with a family member's behavioral problems, substance abuse, or mental illness

  • Communication problems among family members

  • Stressors such as death, divorce, disability, or financial difficulty


    We offer family therapy, which is aimed at restoring peace and balance within the household. If your problem involves other issues within the family, we can help. Our therapists help family members work through difficult feelings, improve communication with each other, come to compromises, and learn to live in harmony. 


    Note: We do not offer traditional marriage counseling, which is a specialized type of counseling aimed at improving the marital relationship. If you are looking for marriage counseling (ex. for improving the relationship, dealing with infidelity, or addressing intimacy concerns), you should look for a marriage counselor.

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